Creative Potential is a company that creates educational products and opportunities for young people. We manufacture toys, games, and puzzles using the most non-toxic materials available.

Creative Potential also offers art-based interdisciplinary instruction for young people in inclusive environments.  We provide training in digital design, 3D printing, laser engraving, woodworking, cnc routing, drawing, painting, and ceramic sculpture.

One of our many missions is to create a program for people with disabilities to gain employable skills and provide opportunities for people with disabilities to earn competitive wages.

People participating in our company, who design and create their own products, retain 80 percent of the income generated from the sales of their products.



* Use the Reno Generator to conduct workshops and provide training in arts and technology

* Create competitive wage opportunities for people in inclusive environments

* Develop interdisciplinary art projects that demonstrate the value of art in education and our society




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